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free form pool

Need inspiration for the pool of your dreams? Free-form pools are the perfect tie-in to your nature-oriented landscaping. With the ability to fit perfectly into any space, these free-form swimming pools are not defined by straight lines or hard angles. Free-form pools are often lagoon style or natural style, and incorporate rock features, waterfalls and stone decking. Free-form pools provide a natural design that is perfect for recreation, home enhancement and entertaining. This swimming pool style is relaxed and allows for private, cozy corners and drifting aimlessly on a raft.

A Free-form Pool Design—that is, a lagoon or naturalistic style pool with rock features, waterfalls, stone decking, and more—is an extremely popular type of pool in Hesperia and has been for many years. With its jungle type style, distinct visuals, and cooling plants, decking, and cooling plants and fauna, a Free-form Pool design can be a wonderfully unique and stylistic addition to any backyard.

From gorgeous waterfalls, to shaded cabanas, even to tropical palm trees, the features can go on forever! And, with New Image Landscape and Pools at the helm, we can help lead you to the pool of your dreams, using our vast experience with this type of design. But what are the benefits of a Free Form Design pool, and why should you pay the money to install one?

Well, one of the main reasons, of course, is the pure relaxation you can attain. As we all well know, Hesperia during the summer is one of the most unpleasant experiences around. With temperatures above 100 degrees nearly every day, it can be difficult to enjoy anything outside. Fortunately, Free Form Design pools can change all that, by providing multitudes of shade inducing fauna, umbrellas, and patio coverings, all ensuring that your backyard remains a sanctuary of coolness.

Furthermore, the benefits of a pool such as this goes far beyond just this subjective value; depending on what you install, a Free Form Design Pool can also increase the value of your home!

With a gorgeous pool, tropical palms, a relaxing spa, and, of course, the amazing design that Free Form brings to any pool design, you will have the most incredible pool and backyard around! Every impressive exterior landscape needs a Free Form Design Pool, so call New Image Landscape and Pools today, and have the experts install one; it will be a hit!

The Advantages of a Free-form-Shaped Swimming Pool

Are you one of the homeowners who have a unique landscape and dream of having a swimming pool? Great news! Free-form swimming pools are the best swimming pool shape to take advantage of the available space and work within the whole terrain.

A free-form swimming pool has a naturalistic or irregular style and shape, with curves or flowing lines. Contemporary free-form pools often have rock and waterfall features and are designed to resemble a natural pond, lake, or oasis. However, many homeowners find that they may have issues with irregular landscaping or that the backyard is too small. Do not to worry! The trend of free-form pools is that it’s perfect for small spaces and terrain.

Today, we call the design a “custom” design, but it comes with a purpose. Free-form pools provide endless options. There is a variety to choose; from the kidney to the irregular, they provide flowing lines, curves, and defined edges. Free-form pools create a space in a backyard. Contrary to the round or rectangular look, free-form shapes can adapt to an area. In other words, it provides an organic look, like if it was always part of the landscape.


A freeform designed pool comes with various options. Some prefer the classic kidney shape. Others prefer to choose from an array of looks that can go from natural to casual style and shape. Lines, curves, and defining edges is what makes the design modern.

Free-form shaped custom pool
Beauty or Function? That is the Question

The advantage of a free-form pool is that it gives room for swimming and beautifies your backyard. Considering priorities is essential when selecting a shape. If the client’s preference is swimming, it is often good to opt for a fuller, rounder-type pool shape with flowing lines.

On the other hand, if beauty comes to mind, then probably stretching it more with more curves is a great option. There are many accessories to add to the beauty and usage of your swimming pool such as tanning ledges, beach entries, in-pool tables, and chairs, etc. Enciso’s Pool Construction has professionals who can assess the landscape and recommend the best design based on your needs.

How This Trend Started?
The first free-form pools appeared in California, which dominated residential pool design in the 20th century. One of the oases was for Pick fair, the Los Angeles estate owned by actors and Hollywood power couple Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. Built in 1920 the pool was constructed above a 100-foot banana-shaped tank and featured a sandy shore along one side. The other was made by Pascal Paddock (of Paddock Pool fame) and featured poolside landscaping to give the feeling of a natural pool or pond.

Don’t let your imagination stop you from having the swimming pool of your dreams. A call to Platinum Pools and the staff is ready to walk you step-by-step in making dreams come true.

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We are very happy with our pool. Everyone at Enciso's Pools was very professional and easy to work with from start to finish! We got to exactly what was promised. I would highly recommend them!!

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