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Swimming Pool Building Process

Pool Construction Process

The building of your new pool requires the scheduling and coordinating of craftsman and supporting personnel. Involved are differents of vehicles, ranging from small trucks with trailers, backhoe excavators and bobcat machines to dump trucks and gunite machines. In one way or another, all are necessary in the process of removing, delivering, installing and finishing literally tons of materials.

As you can appreciate, planning, timing and controlling this small army of manpower, materials and machinery is both an art and science in logistics. A constant stream of information from new pool sites is fed into our Construction Control Center. All data is studied as it is received and then recorded.

This type of operation requires experience and a hands on approach. Enciso’s Pool Construction has been constructing pools since 2017…we have a proven process, the right suppliers and the highest quality tradesman in the business…plus, we have full-time staff to ensure your pool is constructed properly and as quickly as possible so you can swim away with the best experience any pool construction company in Hesperia has to offer.

Call or visit us today and learn how Enciso’s Pool Construction might be the best choice for your pool.

3d pool design-7 - Encisos Pool Construction

Pool Design

During the design process, you will be meeting and working with one of our professional design staff to create a design that will meet the need of your family and your life style. 
We use state-of-the-art 3D graphics to help you better visualize how your finished design concept will look. Also, during the process, you will be selecting finishes for your new pool such as; tile, decking material and interior finishes.

Pool Site Area Prep

Once permits have been issued, your property will be pre-sited for construction by one of our superintendents. After you have your water irrigation lines capped in your future pool area, our excavator will strip the sod in the pool and deck area.

Pool Layout

After your sod has been striped, our layout crew will stake out the shape of the pool, install forming materials to hold the pool shape during excavation and set the pool beam elevation.


The next step our excavation equipment (which consists of a back hoe, dump truck and if need a loader machine to shuttle the dirt from the pool site to dump truck)will arrive to dig and shape the pool. Kids enjoy seeing the activity of the excavator machines and trucks during this process.


Main drain lines and PCC-2000 infloor cleaning lines (if part of package) will be pre-plumbed prior to placement of the steel work.


Steel-tex paper (reinforced paper with wire mesh for applying gunite material in the next process) will be installed around the inside perimeter of the pool.
Steel will be installed by bending and tying into place. Light niches, steel electrical bonding will be installed and the plumbing system will be placed under pressure to complete the process for county or city permit inspection.


Once the inspection has been approved, the next process of construction is applying the gunite to form the shell of the pool.
This is where your pool shape comes to life and, if you have the time to watch part of this process, you will find it amazing. Unlike wet ready-mix concrete, gunite is a dry mixture of sand and cement mixed and pumped dry through a hose under high pressure. As the mixed material reaches the nozzle, water is added to the mix to make it wet and sticky. This allows the material to be applied to vertical surfaces like the pool walls. As the material sets, skilled craftsman carve, shape and trim your pool, steps and benches to make it a reality.

Gunited Pool

Now your beautiful dream pool has taken shape.


After the pool shell has set, our loader machine and dump truck will be back to strip the forming material, remove trimmed gunite, backfill any voids around the pool shell and grade for the deck area and next phases of construction.


Once the grade work around the pool is
completed, our plumbing crew will trench
around the pool perimeter and extend the light
conduits and plumbing lines to the equipment

Equipment Set

While the trench lines are open, the pool filter
and pump (and if your package includes a
heater) will be set. The plumbing lines will again
be put under pressure and called for county or city inspection. When theunderground electric and plumbing have been inspected, the trenches will be covered and deck area re-graded.


This process will include re-leveling the pool
beam and, if your package includes raised
elevations, they will be formed, poured with
concrete and tiled along with your selected
waterline tile around the poolperimeter. If included, water features will also be installed during this process.


After the waterline tile has been installed (if included) paver, travertine or flagstone coping will be installed at this phase.

Cantilever Concrete Deck

If your pool package includes a concrete cantilever deck with acrylic texture, your deck will be formed, termite treated along areas that abut your house, footers formed with steel and electric bonding and then called for county or city inspection. Once the deck inspection has passed, concrete will be poured and finished by one of our skilled craftsman. Screen footers for paver/travertine decks will be done at this phase, Measurements will also be taken, at this phase, for your screen cage.

Acrylic Deck Texture

A knock-down acrylic texture will be applied over the finished concrete and then one coat (your choice of acrylic deck paint) will be applied. Another final coat of acrylic paint will be applied at the end of your project.


Decks with pavers or travertine will be installed after screen footers are inspected and poured with concrete. Paver and travertine decks will be installed on a compacted crushed concrete base and sanded.


At this phase, your lights will be installed, pumps, any electronic automation and heater electronic ignitions will be hooked up. Our office or electrician office may contact you during this process to schedule a time to access your attic or inside electrical panel.

final grading of new pool

Final Grade

Our grade crew will be back with their loader machine and dump truck to clean-up and do a final grade around your pool deck and remove any construction debris. A final clean out is also done on the inside of your pool in preparation for the material finish application.

Interior Finish

The interior finish may be a one day or two day process depending on the interior material you have selected.

An exposed aggregate quartz material will be a one day process and the pebble material selection will take a second day to acid wash and expose the pebble finish. These materials actually cure under water, so once they finish the application, they will start to fill the pool with water.

Pool Start-up

Once the pool is completely full, our service technician will start up the pool equipment,
clean, add start-up chemicals and schedule a Pool School session with you.

This session is designed to teach you about your pool equipment, maintaining the operation of your new pool and how to treat your pool water with the proper chemicals and their parameters. We want you to have full knowledge of the operation of your new pool and, we are always here to help and assist you with any questions.

Estimate for backyard swimming pool with landscape-Enciso's Pool Construction


We will call the county or city to final all building, electric and pluming inspections. You and your family are now ready to jump in and enjoy your “dream pool” for years and years to come.

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